Toddler or Junior Book Nooks

It goes without saying that reading has to be the most important skill that needs to be developed in learners.  Even as adults, reading will remain one of the primary means of learning new things.  Important as it may be, it is not always easy to develop a child’s interest in reading, particularly in our age of digital devices and touch screens.  

It is therefore important to associate reading with fun and excitement, a special time to get away from the usual routine of things.  At Hands of Honour we feel strongly that the best means of doing so is through the creation of a dedicated space, which is beautiful and inviting, to attract particularly young children.

Much like the other products in our Classroom on Wheels range, our Toddler or Junior Book Nooks are compact mobile units which can be used as a dedicated reading space at home where children can gather to develop a love for reading.  They are smaller units than the fully-equipped African ECD Classroom on Wheels, are installed with teaching aids and age-appropriate educational toys, and can be purchased with books, or without.

If you wish to purchase a Toddler or Junior Book Nook as a gift for your child/children, contact us today!