Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) Classroom on Wheels

A brand-new addition, and developed in collaboration with Dr Tana Joseph from AstroComms – a STEM communications and consulting company – our STEM COWs aim to develop a love for science amongst young learners and the youth.   

South Africa’s resource-rich natural environment makes it possible to undertake a vast number of scientific studies ranging from complex marine ecosystems, to our dark skies in the interior of the country, to our unique fauna and flora.  Our country also provides the perfect vantage point to explore our world, and even our universe.

At school level, our STEM COW will bring young learners a little closer to appreciating and understanding the impact and the role of science and technology in terms of their ongoing growth and development in a fun and informative way.

Dr Joseph is a South African astronomer who studies black holes and neutron stars using telescopes on earth and in space.  She strongly believes in developing a love of science in everyone, and does regular public talks about the interesting and exciting work that researchers do.

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